Good Character Rocks! Activity Book - Grade 1 - En Español - Pre-Order

Pre-Order Only - Available Fall 2019

1st grade activity book inlcudes the following character traits:

never give up

  • Gloss Cover
  • Perforated Pages
  • 12 Traits and Pro-Social Behaviors
  • 60 Total Pages

These grade level activity books were carefully designed by passionate educators and the LKi creative team to ensure the activities are engaging and align with accepted education standards and practices.

A great addition to PBIS, SEL and Character Education programs, each grade level includes a distinct set of 12 character traits and pro-social behaviors for your students to learn, understand and put into practice.

In kindergarten, children learn about the importance of being truthful. As they get older, they learn what it means to have integrity. There are 4 pages dedicated to each trait or behavior for a total of 48 activity filled pages. Each section is blended with educational elements and entertaining activities to inspire learning.

The perforated pages provide you with added flexibility. Activities can be done in the classroom or as homework assignments. Completed activities can be displayed on your classroom walls.

Save 10% or more when you purchase a Good Character Rocks! package.

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