Lucky Kat TV strives to make learning fun!

Lucky Kat TV is an educational gaming website designed to entertain your child in a safe and creative environment. Your child will navigate his or her way through each of the 7 Continents of the world while playing fun & challenging games, many of which showcase environmentally responsible themes.

In additional to reinforcing fundamental academic skills, Lucky Kat TV teaches children critical thinking skills through the 4 Basic Principals of Six Sigma for Kids. (Six Sigma is a quality control program and a trademark of Motorola Corporation. It is also used by the U.S. Military as well as numerous Fortune 500 companies to improve efficiency and productivity within their organizations.)

Lucky Kats, Inc., in consultation with renowned Six Sigma author Dr. Mikel Harry, has created “The World is Your Oyster” program specifically for Lucky Kat TV. The program in its most basic form, teaches children the art of efficiency in any task they tackle, by way of planning and preparation.

The 4 Basic Principals of Six Sigma for Kids


The Lucky Kat TV experience also includes the opportunity put the Six Sigma principals into action outside of “The World is Your Oyster” program. Kids are encouraged to use the Six Sigma principals to create and send in videos in the form of a news story, feature story or commercial for LKTV.  This interactive element offers youth a productive and responsible way to participate in photo and video sharing on the web in a very safe environment.

Lucky Kat TV welcomes feedback from parents, guardians and education professionals.

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